What is LCSC advance payment?

LCSC advance payment is a new feature launched by LCSC which is a new payment method for registered users. 

First, a registered user need to prepay an amount to LCSC. Temporarily only wire transfer is supported for an advance payment. 

Then to submit an application with the transaction information in your LCSC account center after you remitted. LCSC will release the amount to your advance payment balance once we confirm the money. Please note the remittance-handling fee will be deducted from your balance.

You can find LCSC bank information at the transaction info submitting page.

The integral process is as below.

1. Prepay an amount via wire transfer

2. Submit the remittance info in your LCSC account center

3. LCSC release the amount to your balance

4. Use balance to purchase orders

 If your balance is less than the order total, it won't be available for paying. You need to prepay a new amount then.

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